Ethernet over E1

Ethernet über E1 (G.703) transparent übertragen


  1. Built-in intelligent switch fabric and provide 4-port fast Ethernet
  2. Support 2047 bytes Frames
  3. Up to 2K MAC address entries
  4. Support IEEE802.1Q VLAN and QinQ double tagging
  5. Support HDLC/PPP-BCP(RFC3518)/GFP-F encapsulation
  6. Support E1 frame or unframe application
  7. Provide statistics for each E1 channel
  8. Configure via CLI/Web/SNMP(v1/v2c)
  9. Support software and firmware upgrade


The Ethernet over E1 converter transmits up to four Fast Ethernet interfaces via one or 2 E1 interfaces.
The installation is kept very simple and can be carried out without configuration via PC in the delivery state.
In the event that the user wishes to administer the devices remotely, the device offers a Web Management interface. It is also possible to send SNMP traps to network management system.
The status LEDs on the front provide information about the current status of the individual interfaces and the operating status.
The desktop version can also be installed as a 19" device. A 19" mounting bracket is supplied as standard.
A very convenient option for supplying the device with power is offered by the new integrated powersupply, which allows operation of 100 ~ 265 VAC and 48 VDC. Both options are included in the scope of delivery.
Thus you have a universally usable device with all accessories in the scope of supply. During the installation you don't have to think about whether you have ordered the right device for AC or DC operation and whether the device should be used for 19" installation or as a desktop device.

Technische Merkmale

E1 Interfaces
Interface Standard: G.703 G.704
Impedance/ Connector: 120 Ω, balanced, RJ-45 / 75Ω, unbalanced, BNC
Data Rate and Line Code: 2.048 Mbit/s , HDB3
Line Protection: 15 KV ESD Protection , 6KV/42Ω Surge Protection
Ethernet Interfaces
Number of Ports: 4
Type: 10/100 Mbps, auto-neg., full/half duplex, MDI/MDX Crossover
Compliance: Relevant sections of IEEE 802.3
Max Frame Size : 2047 bytes
Connector Type: RJ-45 , Cat.5
Line Protection: Built-in 1.5 KV Magnetic Isolation Protection, 6KV/42Ω Surge Protection
Encapsulation Protocols
GFP-F(ITU-T G.8040, G.7041/Y.1303)
VCAT (ITU-T G.7043)
LCAS (ITU-T G.7042)
Internal Bridge
Number of VLANs : Up to 16
Compliance: Relevant sections of 802.1Q and QinQ double tagging
LAN Table: Up to 2K MAC Addresses (learned)
Management Ports
Console Port
Interface standard: RS-232
Connector: RJ-45
Data rate: 115.2 kbps
Firmwareupdate via Web GUI
Physical Characteristics
Housing: Metal
Weight: 1.0kg
Dimensions: 210 x 142 x 41mm
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 70°C
Ambient Relative Humidity: 10 to 95% (non-condensing)
Power Requirements
Power Consumption: <5 watts


Function Description                           Article no.

Fast Ethernet over 2 E1 converter       5-003-1002

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